We’d like to introduce you to BMAT, a music company that developed audio-recognition technology to monitor and report music usage across television, radio, clubs and digital services globally.
The Orchard works with BMAT to provide metadata and audio files so they can create “fingerprints” to identify instances where your track has been played and report that use to the neighboring rights collection societies in that country. Once the society has record that your music has been played, they know to pay you for it!
This music monitoring technology greatly increases the accuracy of neighboring rights payments, and helps to ensure labels are fairly compensated for the use of their music. It has become so invaluable that some societies are basing their payments solely on usage reported by BMAT. Without this partnership, you could be missing important royalty income.
If you have opted into The Orchard’s performance rights services, then we are already sending your content to BMAT. If you have not opted in, reach out to your client manager to learn more.